Sunday, December 4, 2016

Years apart

These are the things that woke me up at 4:00 am this morning.
  1. Work. It's a Sunday for God's sake. Or maybe god's sake, because any deity that has anything to do with making me think of work on a Sunday doesn't need a initial capital.
  2. Rain. My bedroom is at the corner of the house, and I can hear the rushed progression of water from the roof starting on my right (as I'm in bed) to the left.
  3. Pain. Shoulder pain sucks. Really, it's a terrible joint to injure. I hurt mine in June and it still hurts every day. Probably will for the rest of my life. My ankle hurts as well, in case you're keeping score. But when I am asleep, the ankle has no role to play. Not so the shoulder. And it's my left shoulder, which prevents my from draping an arm over my wife, which is probably not a bad thing in her mind.

I really don't like waking up early, and it happens almost every day of my life. It's like I have some sort of weird jet lag, as though my body believed it was someplace else; Asia, most likely Japan, if we're being honest. Or maybe my old soul is more ancient than I thought. I've read that people in the 19th century (and beyond) often only slept a few hours at a time. Where did I read that? On the Internet, Facebook specifically, so in the spirit of 2016, it must be true. And it's a known fact that I am a man out of time. Way out of time. A female friend once told me that I was the oldest college Freshman that she ever met. She wasn't the first or last. I don't really believe in mysticism, but if I did, I'd believe my soul is that of someone from Japan who lived long ago. I'm basing that on one of the invisible friends I had as a kid; his name was Toshi and lived in the east. At the time, I doubt I had ever heard of Japan; we were in rural Tennessee, Appalachia, with PBS only on good days, so if it wasn't on network television, I didn't get to see it until I was in college.

Sleep is important. That's what I've heard my whole life. I guess like many important things in my world, I will rebel against it, meaning I'll be up at 4:00 every day for forever. Or until I move to Japan, because there I don't have this problem.